Product Photography

It's what we do! Clean, clear, & crisp photos of your products with fast service and affordable rates.

Product Photography

Often, especially online, the only exposure a customer has to the product is through photography. Image quality strong enough to give the consumer confidence to buy is crucial. Having a poor or inappropriate product image is surely sales suicide.

An essential part of creating a successful product photograph involves capturing a sharp image where the product's details are visible and legible. The image should convey subtleties and textures and maintain color fidelity. We pay close attention to lighting, color management and other technical considerations to insure superior product photographs for our clients.

Catalog Photography

The majority of product photographs for catalogs are shot on either white or black backgrounds. However, some projects are more complex and require specialized backgrounds, custom sets, props, or product styling. In post-production, multiple images may be combined for the final shot. Product defects retouched out. Clipping paths created to replace or remove backgrounds. We've been doing this regularly for a long time! Let us create the images you're dreaming of in the formats you need.

Tabletop Photography

Shooting high-quality photographs of products small enough to fit on a table top can be technically challenging to acomplish. How to shoot a product on a white background without the product looking washed out and lackluster? We've spent a career learning the ins and outs, the tricks and pitfalls. There are many YouTube videos demonstrating how to do product photography but the end results don't often stack up against the work we routinely deliver. The reason is two-fold... experience and equipment. We've been shooting tabletop products for decades and our studio's equipment and tools are tailored specifically to doing this type of work.

Cheap Product Photography

Large numbers of similar products can be photographed very inexpensively. This type of work, commonly referred to as "Drop-n-Pop", takes advantage of a single setup for shooting multiple products. There is a downside to this type of photography. You can't take the time to optimize the lighting for each product. If the images are for an important brochure you might not want to choose this option but for a web catalog this option is ideal. Arrange the products by size and type and you can shoot them very quickly. Often you can shoot products for $5-10 each when you plan carefully.